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Shopping ethically is difficult and confusing


At Love Your Neighbor Blog, we appreciate that every action we take affects our neighbors. We're creating resources for like minded people who want to do no unnecessary harm.
Love does no harm to a neighbor.  -Romans 13:10
We get it - trying to shop ethically is time consuming and exhausting
We've done the research.  Why?  Because we wanted to be sure that our purchases were helping, not hurting. Hundreds of hours were spent discovering how our actions and our purchases were affecting others.  Not wanting to lose our research, we wrote it all down - the brands we knew we could trust, the certifications we wanted to look for, the lessons God was teaching us.   Now, all of our research is here for you. 
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24/7 Access to Ethical Brands List
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Understand Certifications
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In Depth Research
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Learn how to love your neighbor through your everyday purchases

Understand your impact

Learn what you can do about it

Find ethical places to shop

Use scripture to inform your purchases

Have a closer relationship with God

Use your faith to guide your actions

13 Budget Friendly Ways To Love Your Nei
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