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The Bible teaches us that our neighbors are not determined by proximity or culture. Everybody is our neighbor. Therefore, we strive to provide education and resources to help Christians love their neighbors (and especially the poor and vulnerable among them) with everyday purchases and lifestyle decisions.  We believe that considering how our consumption affects others is integral to sharing the gospel-without it, our words about Christ's love are empty. 
We didn't know what to do, but we knew we had to do something.  It started with a few Google Doc lists to keep track of changes we wanted to make in our own lives.  Then it expanded to a list of companies that we liked who created products ethically and sustainably.  But these lists were just ours, on our google drive.  As we started sharing what we had been learning with others, they wanted to know where to shop too, so we decided to make the list into a small website.
What we've coined is more than just a list of resources, though. Its become a mantra in our house, a new paradigm, a way of life. Whenever we are confused about what to do (or buy), we stop. We pray, and we consider others. It can get complicated talking about cultural and familial expectations, labeling and working conditions, world economies and political movements: but it's not complicated to ask the question, "How does this affect others?" So that's what we do. We aren't perfect. We make compromises. But we do serve a perfect God who asks for obedience. We are committed to research and learning, making adjustments, living on less, and ultimately valuing (other)people over (our)comfort all in the name of Jesus. 
We started blogging as well (despite our fear) about some of the questions we wrestle with and try to put some flesh on the bones of this new lifestyle. We pray that our thoughts and conclusions are helpful at pointing you to Christ and His word. Our aim is to constantly simplify and bring it all back to what Jesus himself told us were the most important things: Loving God and loving our neighbors as ourselves (Mark 12:30-31). We are flawed and seek to be humbled, so we welcome your thoughts, questions, and critiques. If you disagree - tell us why. Lets seek truth together. There isn't time for egos when real people's lives are at stake, right? Let's be Christians that put God's word into action and encourage each other to do the same, especially when it comes to how we spend His money.
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