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New books, apps, documentaries and blogs are being written every day! This list is not exhaustive, just some of our favorites. Shoot us an email to share some of your faves too, we'd love to continue our education! 

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Book by Maya Shetreat, M.D.

Pioneering integrative pediatric neurologist Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD, reveals the shocking contents of children’s food, how it’s seriously harming their bodies and brains, and what we can do about it. And she presents the first nutritional plan for getting and keeping children healthy—a plan that any family can follow.

Rent at your local library or buy


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Book by Safia Minney

Fair trade and sustainable fashion expert Safia Minney draws on her extensive knowledge and personal experience to call attention to the human hardship that goes hand-in-hand with producing our clothes, and highlights what governments, business leaders, and consumers can do to call time on this unnecessary suffering.

Perfect coffee table book.


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App, Website, Blog

The world’s leading source for fashion brand ratings. We pull all the information together and use expert analysis to give each brand an easy-to-understand score. With Good On You, you can discover the very best fashion from around the world and learn everything you need to know about ethical and sustainable fashion.

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App, Website Blog

Although many products are labeled “all-natural” or “organic”, there is little transparency in labeling cosmetics. Think Dirty® empowers and educates the consumer on the cosmetics industry by allowing them to make an informed decision on what products to purchase. Think Dirty® is more than just a mobile app - it’s a consumer revolution for safer cosmetics by learning one ingredient at a time, changing to cleaner options, one product at a time.

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The Good Trade is the premier online destination for conscious readers, covering sustainable fashion, beauty, food, wellness, travel, and lifestyle content.

Free resource!

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Organization, website, blog

EWG is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment.  

Do you know what's in your tap water? What about your shampoo? What’s lurking in the cleaners underneath your sink? What pesticides are on your food? How about the farms, fracking wells and factories in your local area? Do you know what safeguards they use to protect your water, soil, air and your kids? Which large agribusinesses get your tax dollars and why?  What are GMOs? What do they do to our land and water?

Free, but always appreciates donations!

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Book, Vani Hari

New York Times best-selling author Vani Hari, “The Food Babe,” exposes the flagrant lies we’ve been fed about the food we eat—lies about its nutrient value, effects on our health, label information, and even the very science on which we make our food choices.

Feeding You Lies guides readers on how to eat foods that truly fill us with nutrients, while discussing the reasons why we continue to fail at becoming healthy, despite our best efforts. It also provides an easy-to-follow plan to help readers avoid this chemical onslaught—and get healthy in the process. Some of the topics covered include:


  • How processing strips vital nutrients from our food

  • Scandalous cover-ups by the sugar industry to deflect the deadly health risks of sugar, away from sugar to dietary fat

  • Food marketing hoaxes such as gluten-free and fat-free

  • Synthetic fortification of food to make products appear healthier than they really are

Check it out at the library or buy!

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Website, blog

This blog is a celebration of ethical fashion and design, sewing, thoughtful consumption, and all things vintage. Without being too pedantic (I am a high school teacher, after all), I hope to empower the people out there who share my philosophy – namely, that looking good doesn’t have to come with such a high social and environmental price tag.


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Organization, website

Our mission is the development, implementation, verification, protection and promotion of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).  This standard stipulates requirements throughout the supply chain for both ecology and labour conditions in textile and apparel manufacturing using organically produced raw materials. Organic production is based on a system of farming that maintains and replenishes soil fertility without the use of toxic, persistent pesticides and fertilizers. In addition, organic production relies on adequate animal husbandry and excludes genetic modification.

We see ourselves as contributing to sustainable development and actively cooperate with all relevant stakeholders.


Certifications to look for that can help ensure we are loving our neighbors:

Note:  No company mentioned on this website has endorsed, supported, or approved of this website's comments.  The thoughts and recommendations are the website's alone.  This website does not guarantee any of the recommendations made or the companies recommended.  The recommendations are purely an attempt inform, to the best of the website's ability.

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