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Soaps, Detergents, and Cleaners

Cleaners cling to surfaces and fill our air.  What is in them?

These safer products can be found at most stores:


Seventh Generation

Cleaners, soaps, and other household needs

Plant based, EPA "Safer Choice". 




Laundry detergent

Natural washing detergent pods



Dr. Bronners

Soaps, moisturizers, lotions, cleaners

100% Organic materials.  100% FairTrade certified.


Know a brand that we should add to the list?

Certifications to look for that can help ensure we are loving our neighbors:

Note:  No company mentioned on this website has endorsed, supported, or approved of this website's comments.  The thoughts and recommendations are the website's alone.  This website does not guarantee any of the recommendations made or the companies recommended.  The recommendations are purely an attempt inform, to the best of the website's ability.

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