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Pet Food and Items

As we endeavor to love our neighbors, we should have our pets act accordingly.

Check out these brands:


Newman's Own

Pet Food

Pet food made with many Organic ingredients


Tender and True.png

Tender & True

Pet food

No antibiotics, humanely raised animals, Organic


Castor Pollux.png


Pet food

Certified Organic


West Paw.png

West Paw

Dog items

Made from recyclable, recycled, or natural materials.  Made in USA




Pet items

Compostable, cornstarch poop bags. Silicon based training pad holder


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Coming soon

Coming soon

Coming soon


Know a brand that we should add to the list?

Certifications to look for that can help ensure we are loving our neighbors:

Note:  No company mentioned on this website has endorsed, supported, or approved of this website's comments.  The thoughts and recommendations are the website's alone.  This website does not guarantee any of the recommendations made or the companies recommended.  The recommendations are purely an attempt inform, to the best of the website's ability.

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