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Try These New Years Resolutions for a Powerful 2020

The calendar roll-over on New Year's day is a fun time for many. Christmas down time has allowed for some reflection and we start to think about potential goals we'd like to set for ourselves. If you are still thinking through resolutions for your 2020, here are a few ideas to kickstart your planning for the year:

Watch 1 Documentary a Month

Learn more about an environmental issue, a workplace issue, a social issue, an economic issue, or a people group. Here are some of our favorites:

  • The True Cost

  • Sustainable

  • Living On One Dollar

  • Chasing Ice

  • Chasing Coral

  • Stink!

  • Netflix's Broken: Recycling Sham

  • World's Busiest Cities

Read 2 books this year that dig deeper

Read 2 books this year that continue the investigation of how our daily habits affect others. Try one of these:

  • Dirt Cure

  • Slave To Fashion

  • The Hole In Our Gospel

  • Feeding You Lies

Take one routine action and make it greener for the entire year

For example (feel free to come up with your own goal for switching):

  • No disposable coffee cups

  • No one-time use plastic cutlery

  • Start a compost for your food scraps

  • Switch soaps or shampoos to chemical free versions

  • Replace non-stick pans with cast iron or stainless steel

Spend 1 hour per month in the wilderness

Recharge and spend time in God's beautiful creation meditating on His Word. Studies have shown that people who spend time contemplating in the wilderness feel more alive and altruistic after the experience. Bonus points if you leave your phone at home (or, if you can't navigate without it, at least don't Insta- your experience).

Meditate on a passage from our scripture resource

Every week, choose a passage from our scripture resource page and meditate on it that week. Ask God to show you how it applies to your life. Ask Him to break down any barriers or pre-conceived notions about how we are supposed to live. Ask for His wisdom.

Tell us what your New Year's Resolutions are! Has this blog post made you want to create a New Year's Resolution?

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All of this is very doable! I hadn't thought about taking one routine action and making it greener for the year. Great idea. I will pray about how God might want me to love my neighbor better in one of my current routines.

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