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The Book, The Dirt Cure, Shocked My Heart And It Started To Beat

Around the time that my daughter was born, my parents gave me a book called "Dirt Cure"

Starting Our Journey

This book started our journey. My wife and I were aware of many of the claims and news articles on working conditions or environmental issues. Like most, we assumed that all of the grievous offenses were outlawed.

We Started Our Research

What we hadn't done was research. We didn't investigate what our potential impact was or what sort of business practices we were supporting. THE DIRT CURE was the gateway drug to the thirst for knowledge about what tolls our lifestyle was exacting upon ourselves. More importantly, we began to learn about the toll that our lifestyle was imposing on others.

10 Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfilling of the law. -Romans 13:10

THE DIRT CURE taught us about the hormone disruptors given off by plastics. We learned about pesticide effects upon our bodies. More significantly, we learned about the toxicity of pesticides upon the farmers and harvesters that grow our food. We learned about the power of the large companies over farmers, communities, politics, and the food industry. Suddenly, the debate over the value of paying extra for organic produce and pasture raised animals became an issue of ethics and a spiritual imperative.

The Dirt Cure, by Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD

Where Will Your Journey Begin?

Maybe your journey starts with reading this post. Whatever the stage of your journey, I hope that you remain thirsty for the truth.

NOTE: This post was not influenced, supported, or sponsored in any way by any entity related with THE DIRT CURE


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